Our Mission is to provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.

At Sodmasters, our family produces a superior line of turf grasses, each are established proven winners. Our varieties have been extensively tested against drought, disease, weather, and wear. Our 8,000-acre farm is in Montrose, Georgia. Our turf grasses are grown on a rich mineral- organic soil. Our soil type provides a fertile medium in which to produce the very highest quality of sod.

From Our Agronomist 

I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Jason D. Quarles, and I am the Agronomist here on Bradbury Farm with Sodmastersga Turf Farm. My first job at a young age of 14 was at Nob North Golf Course in golf course maintenance. I got an Associate’s degree in Business from Dalton State Community College. I left Dalton and manufacturing synthetic turf to get a Bachelor’s in Agriculture in Turfgrass Management from the University of Georgia. While at UGA I got the opportunity to study overseas in London, England at University of Roehampton in Golf Course Maintenance and Design, and Landscape Architect and Design. I graduated UGA in 2001 and moved to Atlanta to work at Brookfield Country Club in golf course maintenance. After 3 years, I was promoted to Golf Course Superintendent. I created a viable business at Brookfield Country Club Landscaping, that was extremely successful in generating close to a million dollars in revenue. Later, I was promoted to Director of Golf Course and Landscaping Service. I am excited to be apart of Sodmastersga Turf Farm, and a consultant with your Agronomy needs.


Jason D. Quarles


“Beauty is in the blades, but action is in the roots” – Farm Manager